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50 free previews via

API and apps per month

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Linux and Adobe Photoshop

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/ image

40 credits / month    $9     $0.23 / image

200 credits / month    $39     $0.20 / image

500 credits / month    $89     $0.18 / image

1200 credits / month    $189     $0.16 / image

2800 credits / month    $389     $0.14 / image

Pay as you go


/ image

1 credit    $1.99     $1.99 / image

10 credits    $9     $0.90 / image

75 credits    $49     $0.65 / image

1 credit    $1.99     $1.99 / image

1 credit    $1.99     $1.99 / image

All plans include:

Unlimited free previews

50 free previews
via API and apps per month for
Adobe Photoshop for
Windows / Mac / Linux

Frequently asked questions

For one-off or hard-to-predict image needs, pay as you go credits are a great option.

For larger or ongoing image needs, you’ll save on every photo that you process with a subscription. With monthly plans starting at just 40 images per month and rollover of any unused credits (up to 5×) you’ll benefit from huge savings without making a huge commitment.

Credits enable you to use for full-resolution cutouts in high quality. You can use credits on, via the API, in our Windows / Mac / Linux app or Photoshop Extension.

Removing the background from 1 image requires 1 credit. Preview images are free on and ¼ credit via the apps (e.g. Desktop app, Photoshop plugin, or Figma plugin) and the API.

Subscriptions include a monthly budget of credits, that you can use within that month (or roll over to the next month as long as you stay subscribed). Pay-as-you-go credits are valid for up to 2 years after the purchase.

You can upload any JPG or PNG image with up to 12 megabytes. Images must have a subject that is clearly meant to be the foreground, such as a person, animal, product or car (more info). If the image resolution is larger than 25 megapixels (e.g. 6250 × 4000 pixels or any other aspect ratio) it is resized to this maximum resolution.

Preview images are small resolution cutouts with up to 0.25 megapixels (e.g. 625 × 400 pixels).

They are FREE on and significantly cheaper than regular images (¼ credit instead of 1 credit) when requested through the API and the Apps (e.g. Desktop app, Photoshop plugin, or Figma plugin).

Yes, you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your subscription any time.

Note: If you cancel your subscription, unused subscription credits can only be used until the end of the billing period. Read more

At the moment works very well for photos of persons, products and cars, but some images are more challenging than others. We recommend uploading a few images to the free version to get an impression of the quality level for your specific images. You can also try 1 image for free by signing up.

All subscriptions are covered by a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee: You get a full refund within 14 days if you are unsatisfied with the results (restricted to 50 downloads). Have a look at our Refund Policy.

If at the end of the month you have not used all of your subscription credits, the remaining credits roll over to the next month – so you can still use them.

You can roll over up to 5 × your monthly credit budget. For instance, if you are subscribed to the 500 credits / month plan, you get 500 credits each month and on top of that you can roll over up to 2,500 credits from previous months. Learn more

When you have used 80% of your monthly credits of a subscription, you will be notified via email. Once you have used up all credits, no further background removals are possible until next month (except for preview images on which are always free). Should you need more credits, you can either upgrade your plan or purchase a pay as you go package.

There are no overage charges. If you want to make sure you never run out of credits, have a look at this article.

We support all major Credit Cards, PayPal and Apple Pay.


You can use our API to integrate the background removal in your website, app or workflow. It’s a simple HTTP-based interface with various options. You can find the docs here.

Our apps for Windows / Mac / Linux and Photoshop are built on top of the API.

You can process up to 500 images per minute. If you require more than that,get in touch.


Yes, we are 100% GDPR compliant. You can find more on this topic in our Privacy Policy.


Need more than 100,000 images per year?

Get in touch for a custom quote, a free demo, or to learn more about our flexible enterprise solutions.

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